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This is an incredibly brilliant game, because it doesn't rely on the typical horror tropes to play with your emotions, and in only a 5 minute experience leaves you feeling disgusted. Awesome job :D


Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. :)

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Loved this game, the end was so gross!






carrots is life XD


I love horror games that don't scare me. This is funny and disgusting but still a well made horror game. Cool!


Gotta love that hearty old time meal of Carrots and Cream. OH GAHD WHAT HAVE I DONE!


This game disturbed me and I can't really comprehend why.... good job though! Thought I'd share my playthrough... that worm :(


This was really weird lol :D


I liked this, it was cute, until the end, even though that was cute too, in an indie-game sort of way.

Check out my let's play [QUICKIE!] no annoying commentary, all pop-up style:


I take it that "cute in an indie-game sort of way" is a good thing. That was a fun little playthrough. Thanks! :)


It was/is a good thing :D Thanks for the game! Cheers


it would be cool if the shovels during the worm part came down at the same times and places where you put the shovle in the shovel part

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Aww, it looks like a very great game but I can't play it.. It crashes everytime I launch it..

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Sorry to hear that! What system are you running it on? (If it's the Android version try the LOFI version instead)

I tried to play the game on windows 8. Other games seem to work properly, but when I open this game, it crashes. I'm very confused.. I tried to set the graphics on simple mode and I thought it might help but it didn't!

Did you try both the 32 and 64 bit versions? And does it give any error messages or does it just close the application?

I tried both of the versions. It doesn't give any error messages. I open it and after a few secs, it starts to not responding.

Very strange! This is the first such error I've heard of, does it freeze even before the menu shows? (The game starts with a blank screen and a rather long sound clip)

I'd really like to take a look at the file called output_log in the CarrotsAndCream_Data folder. If it isn't too much trouble you can mail it to me at :)


Strange but true.


Here you have my playthrough of this game :D

Hope you enjoy and stay rad everybody!!



So were the carrots Ginger Peoples Souls? Awesome game! loved the art style, would love to see more game like this! well done!


I'm glad you posted it here too, hope you get some donations. :)

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I don't know what to say haha. It's a short game that is very fun and suspenseful. I enjoyed it very much and want to congratulate the creator on it. I made a let's play if anyone would like to check it out!

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