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Originally made for the Asylum Jam 2016


  • You need to figure out the abstract combination for the large door.
  • Take the elevator down to one of four different levels and look for clues to photograph. But hurry! Once you leave the elevator it's only a matter of time before the monster finds you.
  • You can only take three pictures pr. trip down the elevator.
  • You will only keep your pictures if you make it back to the elevator. You can browse and arrange your pictures on the bulletin board near the door.
  • Your photos are saved as files, so you can quit the game and play again later. (State of the puzzle isn't saved, though)

I'm unsure how hard the puzzle is, so please leave some feedback! I may add more clues here if it's too difficult.


  • Move with WASD + Mouse, Shift to run
  • Interact with Left Mouse Button
  • Take photos by holding Right Mouse Button
  • Hold Escape to quit and hold R to delete all photos
  • Adjust brightness with + / - or p / m keys

More information

Published 341 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Tagsescape-room, First-Person, Horror, photography, puzzle


DirtSunLinux.zip (33 MB)
DirtSunOsX.zip (34 MB)
DirtSunWin.zip (25 MB)
DirtSunWin32.zip (20 MB)


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Nice game, I solved the puzzle just fine so I think it's quite fair. Good Job!


Thanks for sharing! Glad you solved it  :)

Cool stuff!