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It's in the middle of the night, and a squirrel runs through the forest. Is there something in there between the shadows of the trees? Is that a fox?! It might just be a shadow, but better hide, you know just in case. However, hiding forever might not be that smart in retrospect.

Scared-Ass Squirrel is a 2D procedurally generated sidescroller game. Playing as a squirrel, you have to move through the dark forest, jumping around and hiding from the foxes, but do not hide too long, as the shadows will catch up to you.

Scared-Ass Squirrel is made for Nordic Game Jam 2017, with the theme "not there".

Spacebar - Jump
Arrow keys - Run


Camilla Just Overbye Carstensen

Kristian Torgard

Liva Stubbe Teglbjærg

Merlin Györy

Ola Lato

Pål Schakonat


scared ass squirrel win.zip 49 MB
Scared-ass Squirrel.zip 54 MB


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Is there a food eating system to keep the squirrel alive, or only just hiding?

I enjoyed this for what it was! A nice runner, but a bit more threat would be lovely!

Hi There,

This Video caught me a little by suprise^^. Let me give you some
context. This game was made on the Nordic Game Jam in just under 48
hours. I was the composer on the team, so first of all thanks for your
kind words about the audio. The game didn't get quite finished, so
that's why nothing is happening.
Feel free to ask any questions if you have any, otherwise thanks a lot
for playing the game and making a video about it. I really enjoyed it a
lot :)

Cheers ;)