Original music by Andreas Busk

Explore and ponder the nature of our cities.

  • Ask the citizens how they feel.
  • All text is written by other players playing the game.
  • Commit your own insights to your journal (press Enter).
  • Everything written in the journal is sent to me! I'll include coherent, readable musings and thoughts about the city when I have the time. Please use responsibly and don't spam me ;-)
  • Privacy note: nothing but the text is sent or stored.
  • Content Warning: I vet all the submitted text, but other than gibberish, slurs and hate speech I don't leave things out. So expect to see swearwords and mentions of heavy subjects like violence, sickness and suicide.

A somewhat incomplete entry for Cosmo D's Game Jam 1 - The City 2019.

(There's no end to the experience. Just wander the place and listen to the music for as long as you like.)

v. 0.4 - Game now only contains player quotes. Added live loading of quotes so I can add new entries from players without uploading a new build. Fixed some minor glitches and geometry bugs in the level. Player and citizens should stay within bounds now :)

v. 0.3 - More bugs fixed, player quotes available (light grey bubbles), quotes added on local machine are in pink (non web version only). Full screen by default instead of windowed. Better info.

v. 0.2 - Updated after the Jam. Fixed some bugs, added upload of journal entries.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(20 total ratings)
Made withUnity
TagsExploration, First-Person, trash, Walking simulator


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bug with windows


¨fortnight is fun¨

best quote

hey, i did a quick little video abt this game! I really like it ^-^ 


Very nice. Thanks for sharing! :)


I love admiring the moon from the rooftop. 


Nice <3

I'll add that comment as a journal entry in the game I think.

And composer Andreas has already insisted the game needs some sky/star watchers on the rooftops. I hope to add more little lookout points as the city grows :)

I've played this a couple times so far and it's really enjoyable to just poke around the city on my own whim. The aphorisms from the citizens give you an added layer to think about the landscape while wandering and looking. Interested to see where this goes! 

Great music, too!

thanks for your comments on the music 🙂


I like this alot :)

Thanks for playing! I plan to tighten it up and add some more city to explore during the next month or so.