Prototype framework for making procedurally generated stylized plants. Part of the PROCJAM 2017.

Click to generate new trees. That's it.

 Instead of focusing on making something that is realistic or fully procedurally generated I wanted something that could create plants (or other things) in a recognizable stylized way from a simple set of rules and shapes. The scene above was an attempt to recreate the trees from this short scene from the movie Coraline:

It's basically just stringing a few simple Bezier curves together and generating a cylinder mesh along those paths. (The leaves are just flat, colored planes here). There's quite a bit more going on under the hood than shown here, so I hope to add more scenes.

The core of the generator is a combination of what I learned from two different tutorials:

After watching the great introduction to grammar systems by Rachel Hwang in this years procjam talks I'm thinking that might be a logical next step. We'll see :)

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