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Useless little rhythm game/toy. Create phase music in cooperation with your computer inspired by the works of Steve Reich. Almost, but not really.

Put on your headphones and crank 'em up!

How it works:

  • Press any key and the game starts playing a random sound.
  • Wait for the screen to turn black: quickly press any key and you will play the same sound, but with a tiny offset on top of the one already playing.
  • As time progresses the offset will grow longer and longer and you can enjoy the phase 'music' that evolves.
  • If you miss a key press, the computer will finish playing and stop. Press another key and start over with a new random sound.
  • There's no win state, play until you fail or feel your composition is finished.
  • (You can choose from the four different sounds with keys:1-4)

About the jam rules: This game breaks the rules of the jam by not having sound and graphics tied to each other, so it's sort of a 2bit game I guess...

Check out my other submission for the jam!

(which actually follows the rules...)

Made withUnity
Tags1bit, Audio, sound


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Ha, seems there's already a Steve Reich game! Not sure if I should feel bad for being so unoriginal or be pleased that the idea isn't as crazy as I thought ;)